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Is Kanye West OK?

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Kanye West’s former co-writer Rhymefest recently stated Kanye was in need of mental help (therapy) and that he needs to get rid of all the yesmen in his circle and take a break from the industry. Rhymefest was immediately supported and attacked by Kanye fans who stated he was jealous because he wasn’t the star that Kanye is, however, there certainly appears to be some truth to Rhymefest’s statements. Kanye’s behavior is becoming more erratic by the day and it’s very unfortunate to see this all played out in public.

Kanye’s performance on Saturday Night Live announcing his new album “The Life of Pablo” this past weekend with Kirk Franklin was a bit eerie and strange even for him. His inflated sense of self-importance is in the danger zone and this could be a scream for help. Shortly thereafter he tweeted that he is 52 Million dollars in personal debt, then he asked FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg to call him, even though it’s his (Zukerberg’s) birthday, indicating Zukerberg should help him with his financial woes because he is a fan of Kanye’s music?

Kanye had to battle his pain in public during the loss of his mother who suffered from a botched plastic surgery several years ago and not long before that he almost died in a near fatal car accident where he had to have his entire jaw restructured. Of course it’s hard to forget his outbursts on a couple of award shows one in which he humiliated taylor swift in front of the world by saying she didn’t deserve the award Beyone did. Swift was devastated then something changed in her, she took the industry by storm and was no longer the sweet girl she was prior to the situation and now Kanye has taken credit for making her a star (after they made peace) which rekindled the melee. He recently became a father to his second child with wife kim kardashian (which is a family where ALL the men who are involved suffer from some kind of mental anguish, addiction and/or deep angst. Some call it “The Kurse of the Kardashians”). Kim combined forces with Kanye’s former girlfriend Amber Rose to “protect” Kanye. Kanye can’t escape fame even in his time of need. Whatever the case is we are fully aware of how the industry machine can chew you up and spit you out if you are not careful and wish Kanye the best.  See Tweets below




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