Kanye West Breakdown on Stage with Rant, Attacks Radio


Rapper Kanye West had a long and bizarre rant on stage in Sacramento California this past weekend. He went on and on about everything from Beyoncé disrespecting and hurting him to Jay-Z not returning his calls.

Then West goes in on Radio, he says “Radio F#$k You!” at least four times explaining “Not the people that work at radio, the ones that gotta feed they kids, they gotta play the same shit over and over and over.” (to keep they jobs).  “It’s still real ni$^as alive, we alive tonight bruh! “The rules gotta be fair Khaled and Drake, radio and 92.3…” he goes on to say ” I love Drake and I love Khaled but they set that song up bruh!” I just want to have a conversation about how we playin’ radio’s game.”

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