Judge Joe Brown Dismantels Marc Lamont Hill in Interview about Bill Cosby, Also says Women were “Groupies,” and “Mob Rule” must end (video)


    Judge Joe Brown gives a complete education on how Black people need to educate themselves more and take responsibility for our actions and how the legal system is rarely in our favor and how “mob rule” has taken precedent over Due Process of the law.

    No matter which side you agree with, without even trying Judge Joe Brown just desecrated Marc Lamont Hill who was ill-prepared for this interview. As a result, failing miserably at his, otherwise commendable, journalistic attempt leaving him stuttering as an end result. This has got to be the most placid yet brutal checking online this year.

    As intelligent as Marc Lamont Hill is, this is the first time I’ve seen him lose complete control of an interview. In the end, he admits this is the most disturbing interview he has ever done. I’m actually surprised it has been posted and would not be surprised if the Black News Channel removes it. It’s just embarrassing for Hill.

    Judge Joe Brown

    When it comes to the “Law” Judge Joe Brown states there is supposed to be a “Due Process of Law” that is supposed to take place for anyone charged.

    Accusations are supposed to be proved he states and Marc Lamont Hill is a professor and is extremely intelligent but here Judge Joe Brown says his statements about Cosby are ignorant of the law and this is not the 4th or 5th grade.

    He educates Hill on how the law is supposed to work along with anyone viewing. Marc loses control of the interview immediately and starts stuttering while Judge Joe Brown continues to calmly and cooly levitate him.

    Judge Joe Brown says the women who accused Bill Cosby of rape were “groupies” who need to take responsibility for their actions. This is where Hill literally becomes annoying trying to get questions in avoiding the points that Judge Joe Brown is making. Yet the judge keeps going.

    Brown makes a point that in order to avoid situations like this you should stay sober. He compares it to a person who gets drunk then kills somebody while driving. He also says we have become a society that convicts based on emotion and not the law.

    Brown goes on to say .. You can try to blame the bartender for getting you drunk when you kill someone with your car, and the bartender may bear some responsibility since the law was changed 25 years ago, but YOU are going to jail for the murder and YOU have to take responsibility for your actions, you can’t put the full blame on someone else.


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