Does Joyner Think Black Voters are Dumb? Columnist thinks so…


 The few times I have listened to Tom over the last few years was when someone sent something to  me for press. I have to admit it is almost impossible for me to listen to that show. My intellect is not challenged it’s diminished (lol). In addition, I have to admit, it DOES appear that Joyner thinks black people are perhaps dumb and not politically savvy (which we are) when he makes statements like “We have a Black president” in a plea to Steve Harvey’s ex wife to act more civil during her  rampage against Harvey several months ago. What in the hell does having a black president have to do with Steve Harvey’s wife being pissed off?  Joyner is making it appear that no matter what Obama does we should vote for him because he is black. If a conservative states ‘vote for so and so because he is white,’ all hell WOULD break loose. The concept of desiring dumbed-down black radio listeners has indeed taken a front seat to community affairs or intellectually stimulating programs nationwide in black radio but the listeners are not all stupid. K…………………………………………The influential “fly Radio DJ” and creator of  the  Tom  Joyner Morning Show, a syndicated radio mix of R&B, news, comedy, and commentary, stirred up a tempest in a tea party with his recent blog post on his website.Urging his overwhelmingly black listenership to “stick together,” he wrote: “Let’s not even deal with facts right now. Let’s deal with our blackness and pride – and loyalty. We have a chance to reelect the first African American president. … And I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that as black people, we should do it because he’s a black man.”Cue hand-wringing here.One white columnist wrote that Joyner’s call for racial solidarity is “a terrible idea.” Given that the president was “elected on a promise of unity,” any of his supporters “who play that [race] hand will be doing a disservice to themselves and to the nation,” she argued. Read the entire story here

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