Joseph Gomez Premieres His New Catchy Single “Stay with Me” on VEVO


Joseph Gomez Premieres His New Catchy Single Los Angeles, CA, December 04, 2012 –(– After Joseph’s first music video making its television debut on MTV Hits Latin America and getting love on social media, Joseph keeps moving forward and premieres on VEVO the music video for his second single “Stay With Me” of his upcoming debut album “Sweet Melody.” Joseph Gomez, aka JoeGo, brings a fresh pop-RB act with catchy tunes and fire tracks from his debut album that are the results of working some of the hottest producers on the net. Joe continues to prove that with passion and determination you can believe in your dreams.

In June of 2012, Joseph Gomez signed for distribution with Bungalo Records / Universal Music Group and formed his own label EagleStar Music.

Besides his first music video making its television debut, it was also added to the Popscene reel which features locations such as Bob##Q##s Stores, Fitness Zone, JCPenny, Macy##Q##s JR. Department, and numerous other smaller locations. It was also added to the Dancevision playlist throughout the summer which reaches over 300 entertainment venues across the US.

Joseph Gomez is an upcoming pop-RB singer/song-writer. He was born in Medellin, Colombia and he is now a Canadian Citizen. Joe was named by his father after Joseph Haydn (March 31, 1732-May 31, 1809). Joseph Hayden was an Austrian composer of the classical music period. Since Joseph was a little boy, he loved music and developed a passion for singing and composing songs. At age 12, Joseph attended school in Brandon, FL for 6 months with the purpose of learning English. He then traveled to San Dimas, California for another 3 months prior to returning back to his homeland of Colombia.

At the age of 16, he moved to Canada with his brother. Now Joseph was truly far away from his family and life and he was ready to start a new chapter of his life. Very soon after, he felt an overwhelming calling for music and turned to his passion for singing and song writing creating many songs that he would later on bring into production and development. His style of music is a combination of Pop, RB, and dance with a sprinkle of romance.


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