Jalen Rose Wants his “Squatter” Sister out of their Deceased Mother’s Home that he Purchased. Sister Lambastes Him on Social Media for it (video)


Jalen’s sister is under the impression that she is entitled to stay in HIS home, which he wants her out of.

Family can be the most devastating contribution to one’s well-being, especially when the parent(s) die. Jalen Rose’s sister is upset that the sports legend and TV host is selling the home he purchased for his mother, Jeanne Rose, who died a year ago.

(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images for Jalen Rose Leadership Academy (PGD Global Event))

The sister has been living in the house for three years (perhaps rent-free) and feels Jalen is wrong for selling the property and having inspectors and agents, and others come through the house to inspect it and determine what work needs to be done..

In this video, his sister lambastes him for not being more supportive and understanding of her support for their mother and for her own needs. She is angry that he is allowing strangers to come through the house to prepare if for sale or to buy it.

One commenter posted if this were Jalen Rose’s brother, he would be labeled a “bum.” While the circumstances are unknown, if the able-bodied sister is not paying the mortgage or rent, one might ask why Jalen is wrong to ask her to leave or sell the house he purchased.

If the mother owned the house free and clear, would it have been right for her to leave it to her daughter when her son purchased it? Jalen is either the owner of the property; he is controlling his late mother’s estate, or both. His sister has no rights here.


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