Jacobs Media’s Sports/Talk Findings from Techsurvey8


Jacobs Media's Sports/Talk Findings from Techsurvey8The largest radio tech survey ever conducted170 stations | 12 radio formats | 57,358 radio listenersSouthfield, Michigan – In Jacobs Media's tech study of core radio listeners, nearly 2,500 Sports Talk fans speak in a singular voice about their digital habits and preferences.According to Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs, “Sports radio fans are highly engaged, into gadgets, and especially likely to be connected via Twitter. They know how to access the sports news and happenings they crave, and they deftly use the available tools. Radio needs to work hard to be their go-to medium.”Here are some key takeaways about Sports radio listeners:It's a Twitter world: While Facebook and LinkedIn are popular social media channels, Sports Talk fans lead the league for tweeting. Of those who use this platform, more than half follow a Sports Talk radio station and/or personality on Twitter.Relationships matter: The email club and Facebook fan page are major drivers in stronger listener/station connections, but Twitter is a major player, too.Net promoter scores lag: Sports Talk fans are near the bottom when it comes to fan recommendation and time spent listening, an indication that their consumers depend on a variety of media sources to keep up to date. In fact, “first occasions” in the morning are dominated by turning on the TV. And they are more apt to be satellite radio subscribers.Protecting The In-Car Listening Franchise: Sports Talk fans are more likely to spend the majority of their radio listening time in the car, more apt to have their smartphone/mp3 players connected to their dashboards, and more likely to own a vehicle with a sophisticated digital system like Ford‘s Sync. In-car listening is the next battleground.Smartphones, Apps and Tablets are big: More than six in ten Sports Talk respondents own a smartphone, more than a quarter have a tablet, and they are more likely to download radio apps on these devices. They're also considerably more apt to prefer streaming audio on a mobile device.Sports women matter: While only 14% of the Sports Talk sample, female fans of these stations often profile like their male counterparts. They are into gadgets, they stream more than women who prefer other formats, and they're very social. Their secret sauce is that they are more likely to recommend Sports Talk stations to friends, and are more apt to share content within their communities.

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