J Anthony Brown’s First Day on the Steve Harvey Morning Show (audio) ‘I passed my Old Job Coming In’


Radio Facts: rfocus.orgWill the true radio pros step to the back? After a winded introduction by Harvey, J Anthony Brown is announced and it’s evident he’s going to bring a much-needed comedy element to the show and he’s much easier on a communicators’ ears. While I have to give him credit for his great business ventures and acumen, I am not a big fan of the radio show and this is the first time I have listened to Harvey’s show in a couple of years but I’m predicting Harvey will not be on the show as much which will give Brown a chance to carry the weight of the show and make it more entertaining. (audio below)



  1. I am was thinking the same, with all Steve has going on..he is not going to on much, plus probably gave J Anthony a big raise from what he probably was making..I don’t like Steve’s morning show, only Tommy’s prank calls, those Strawberry letters are awful, I might tune in every once in awhile to hear Jay..still gotta be loyal to TJMS, won’t listen when Sherry is on

  2. I love J Anthony Brown but won’t listen to him on Steve Harvey Show. I personally won’t listen to his radio or tv shows and I mute the tv when he appears on a commercial.
    After he visited Trump in NY he faces a backlash because it was just a photo op nothing substantive has happened since then. A few days later he was on the radio saying, ‘my children not in trouble it’s y’all children in trouble. I don’t need no house I got 4 houses it’s y’all that need a house.’
    He was rude, arrogant and down right nasty. If he really care his answer to his critics should have been, I just want to help my community and if my intentions were misunderstood then I apologize but in a short time you will see results.

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