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Is Urban Radio Finally Ready to Hire LOCAL Talent?

14634818-emoticon-djLast week was a huge for ’s exit from his radio show.   RadioFacts actually predicted this was going to happen in Jan of this year.   Michael is fortunate that he has something to fall back on and he’s a brilliant business man but he does not understand, even after 10 years on the air, how the radio machine works. He is adamant about returning to after his very public of the show but does he have any more leverage? At least he owns the show. Baisden made some crucial over the years, after his show was booted from the New York market he asserted WBLS should pick up his show over “buffoonery” black jocks did not take to that very well and neither did several urban PDs. Baisden had already approached Radio One about a deal a few months back and Radio One was not interested. iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel)/Premiere Radio has it’s hands full with steve harvey and since he was with , what’s left?

As many of you know we here at RadioFacts have always supported local radio talent. Now that Baisden is out… programmers, at least the ones that we have talked to recently, are not excited about trying more syndication in that time slot. Can that mean urban radio programmers are starting to re-think syndication? Several, even those with current syndicated shows running, have expressed an interest in hiring local talent again. The main issue “control.” “Tom Joyner is not getting any younger and there is no way steve harvey can maintain the hectic schedule that he has for too much longer,” one urban PD stated. Ricky Smiley is the youngest and the only option left for mornings but the likelihood of iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) stations running Rickey are fairly slim. Currently, there are no young, hot radio ready contenders that can fill Baisden’s shoes so what’s left? Frank Ski? That’s still up in the air but I would certainly think he’s an option. We have also heard Cumulus has offered the show to several other people, including a couple of popular comedians that we cannot disclose here but they are not traditional radio people. One can only wonder how Cumulus is going to fulfill or maintain the ad commitments for Baisden’s show.

Finally, the pool of local talent is so shallow now since Radio was not hiring full time talent for years where would urban radio find fresh new talent?

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ethan March 28, 2013 at 5:03 pm

there are no urban/urban ac/ stationss in top 10 billing, if a programmer does not want to go the route of syndication it won’t be up to him or her in the first place, you know today’s radio is different a culture than radio 25plus years ago, business is done in a wall street culture today in radio something many in black american either seem not to care about or even want to understand, if michael baisden had “Leverage.” as you say there would not of been the outcome that sealed baisdens fate, what got baisden was he felt he should have more “control” it was in no way his comments about wbls last year, baisden became tired of seeing his show dumped from top 10 markets and not having any say so about it. Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner are also open to that reality as well, just because you own the name of your show production company of that show you don’t own the stations that show is carried on bottom line.

Give Local Talent A Chance! April 3, 2013 at 10:17 am

You speak of the lack of local talent, NOT SO!!!. Many college students are majoring in Radio Communications and interning at major radio stations. They are told they will be hired upon successful completion of their internship and because they threaten the older talent that has been there forever they never get hired. How can you get local talent if stations are not willing to invest and develop the students who are paying a LOT of money to learn the craft. Why have them intern, work for free, do favors for the on air talents whom they admire and not hear from anyone once the internship is over.

So please do not write about the lack of local talent, you old geezers are not willing to develop young talent into something great. Everyone deserves a chance, so why not look at the students who have a passion for the industry. Who still believe in the art of radio.


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