iPod Sales Slow Down

I have stated many times that I am sorry I purchased not one but TWO iPods, the battery quickly died in one and the other one’s ear plug doesn’t work. The amount they are trying to charge to repair both items is not worth it. The iPod is an overpriced status symbol that is a piece of shit. The mac computer is a whole different story… I am that Mac-a-holic. At any rate… there must be a support group out there who feels the same way I do about the iPod as the sales of the once must-have-before-rent-is-paid gadget is seeing slow growth. iPod’s growth rates have declined for the past three consecutive quarters from 50% in the Dec. ’06 quarter to 17% in the Sept. 2007 quarter Analysts predict that when Apple delivers Q1 results 1/22 it will show that year to year sales growth overall was just 17%, But some analysts now say that contrary to popular wisdom, growth at Amazon will only help iPod sales

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