Innocent Woman Serves 32 Years Released on the Condition she Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter?


JOB Opening: Slew of New Black Community Leaders, Politicians and Support Systems.

Help us to make sense of this. How does an innocent black person go to jail……. well, OK we FULLY understand that part. Let’s start over… Mary Virginia Jones was arrested in 1981 for a crime she did not commit. She was still convicted and ended up serving 32 years in prison. How does an innocent black woman go to jail for murder for 32 years of her life, get released after being wrongfully convicted by a program by just out of college law students… but only under the condition that she pleads guilty to manslaughter… after serving 32 years for a crime she didn’t commit? Help us solve that equation? We know the answer, we want to see if you do too. Let me give my best impression of Bill O’Reilly…. “C’mon it’s not about race ….why do you people always play the race card? If you do your job in prison for 32 years even if you are innocent, you may get rewarded with your freedom after half your life is over…. if you still plead guilty, is there something wrong with that? She was probably guilty of something else so she needed to do the 32 years anyway right?” Ending Bill O’Reilly impression. (erWRONG) Her family goes straight to chuych after the announcement, beware of screams… as you help us to understand this… Tragedy, pure tragedy. One must ask, why not put the systems in place BEFORE these wrongful convictions happen?


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