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INNERCITY BLUES: Wendy Williams in Deeper Dookey

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I would strongly advise that you not ask Wendy Williams “How Yew Dewwin” these days cause the answer is “NOT WELL.” On top of that, the press is so mean, calling Wendy the resident Tranny in her time of need. For the conservative black people reading this, “Tranny” means Transvestite (laugh). Wendy does not look like a man, she looks like a man with big titties, there is a difference. At any rate, looks like more staffers are coming forward to validate the claim of victim Nicole Spence saying that they too were harassed by Wendy’s husband , Kevin Hunter, 10 years Wendy’s Jr. whose other jobs include: bodyguard, employee (for Wendy) and father of her son Kevin Jr. Spence continues to express her frustrations over Kevin telling her repeatedly that he wanted to fook her and the stress it caused her on her job of trying to book guests for Wendy Williams (that in itself had to be stressful, who the hell wanted to be on the show?)

“Others have come forward since we filed the complaint to support Nicole’s claims,” said Karen Webber, a partner in the prestigious law firm Thompson, Wigdor & Gilly, which is preparing a FEDERAL lawsuit on Spence’s behalf. JESIS TAKE THE WHEEL…. “They say he often called women bitches and used alcohol, and they describe his violent outbursts against Ms. Williams.” Other women say they were victimized as well.

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