Infinite Dial: Smartphone Ownership up over 500%


Smartphone-Tracking/014According to the Infinite Dial 2014, 61% of Americans 12+ now own a smartphone—up from 53% in 2013 and 44% in 2012.These and other important insights will be revealed on Wednesday, March 5th at 2PM EST, during The Infinite Dial 2014, a free one-hour webinar from Edison Research and Triton Digital. This is the 22nd study in The Infinite Dial series, one of the longest-running research series covering consumer use of media, technology and digital platforms. This landmark study offers an unparalleled view of digital media trends since 1998. The webinar will be co-presented by Edison Research VP of Strategy Tom Webster, and Triton Digital COO Mike Agovino. Other trends to be explored in The Infinite Dial 2014 include:* An update on Internet Audio usage, including new data on iTunes Radio, Beats Music, and other services* Recent growth in Podcasting* The growth in smartphone ownership, and how it has changed consumer behavior* Updates on social media usage for services including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and more* The connected car, and in-car usage of digital media


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