First Collaboration, American Skyjacker: The Final Flight of Martin McNally, Launches Today

CUMULUS MEDIA’s Westwood One today announced a partnership with Imperative Entertainment’s podcast division to monetize, market, and distribute all Imperative Entertainment’s existing and forthcoming podcasts.

The first three episodes of their new series, American Skyjacker: The Final Flight of Martin McNally drop todayBetween 1967 and 1972, more than 300 commercial airplanes were hijacked worldwide, with over 130 of those happening in the United States alone. This period would become known as “The Golden Age of Hijacking.” American Skyjacker is the tale of a small-time crook named Martin ‘Mac’ McNally who dreamed of the ultimate mile-high score: hijacking a plane and getting away with $500,000 in cash. But Mac’s hijacking is just the beginning of an epic and incredibly wild true-crime saga,detailed by the skyjacker himself.

American Skyjacker, hosted by award-winning Riverfront Times journalist Danny Wicentowski, was written, created, and produced by Eli Kooris and Joshua Shaffer of Pegalo Pictures, and executive-produced by Jason Hoch, President of Imperative Entertainment’s Podcast Division. The captivating new 10-part series is available on all major platforms.

Following American Skyjacker, Imperative Entertainment and Foxtopus Ink will premiere The Syndicateon August 11. The Syndicate follows a group of college friends that took advantage of Colorado’s medical marijuana laws to create one of the longest, most lucrative smuggling runs in U.S. history. But when a drug mule flipped, the whole enterprise came crashing down, revealing how the black marijuana market is not just evolving in the era of legal weed but thriving. Award-winning freelance journalist Chris Walker (The Atlantic, Playboy, VICE, NPR, Forbes, LA Weekly, etc.) is the series creator and host. Jason Hoch is an executive producer; Laura Krantz (formerly with public radio) and Scott Carney (New York Times-bestselling author, ‘What Doesn’t Kill Us’) of Foxtopus Ink produced and edited the series.

Imperative Entertainment’s podcast division launched in 2019 with true-crime podcast, Gangster House, followed by Boomtownwhich tells the story of the biggest oil boom in history, and The Baron of Botoxthe fascinating true story of late “dermatologist to the stars” Dr. Fredric Brandt. 

“We’re excited to partner with Cumulus Media and Westwood One, and for the opportunity it gives us to connect with their extensive audience,” said Jason Hoch, President of Imperative Entertainment’s Podcast Division. “American Skyjacker and The Syndicate are the first of nine new original narrative series podcasts set to launch in 2020. We can’t wait for listeners to experience a full range of stories and emotions, from thrillers and wild adventures to stories of triumph and tragedy.”

“We look for best-in-class content for our podcast portfolio, and certainly Imperative Entertainment hits that mark with their evocative and dramatic storytelling,” said Suzanne Grimes, EVP Marketing, CUMULUS MEDIA, and President, Westwood One. “Their scripted shows, with incredible Hollywood production values, will entertain and engage our listeners in a bold new way.”

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