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iHeartMedia Finds $22.5 Million To Use For Debt Payments


iHEARTMEDIA has made a small move to address the debt that’s coming due this FALL in 2018, and especially in 2019. In a Form 8-K filed with THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, iHEART writes, “On SEPTEMBER 14, 2017, CLEAR CHANNEL OUTDOOR HOLDINGS, ., an indirect, non-wholly owned subsidiary of iHEARTCOMMUNICATIONS, ., provided notice of its intent to make a demand for repayment on OCTOBER 5, 2017 of $25.0 million outstanding under the Revolving Promissory Note, dated as of NOVEMBER 10, 2005, between iHEARTCOMMUNICATIONS, as maker, and CCOH, as payee (as amended by the first amendment dated as of DECEMBER 23, 2009 and the second amendment dated as of OCTOBER 23, 2013), and the Board of Directors of CCOH declared a special cash dividend payable on OCTOBER 5, 2017 to CCOH’s Class A and Class B stockholders of record at the closing of business on 2, 2017, in an aggregate amount equal to $25.0 million, to be funded with the proceeds of the Demand.”

The filing explains, “iHEARTCOMMUNICATIONS will be entitled to receive approximately 89.8%, or approximately $22., of the proceeds of the dividend through its wholly-owned subsidiaries. The remaining approximately 10.2% of the proceeds of the dividend, or approximately $2.5 million, will be paid to the public stockholders of CCOH.”


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