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Are Hughes and Liggins Killing a Black Radio Legend?

I was watching ’s Unsung, a great show IRONICALLY produced by the same company that owns a of urban radio stations. I was thinking while watching Shalamar how rich our history is with but it is dead with radio. All we have and hear about are , Steve Harvey and Rickey Smiley. Tom is the only TRUE radio legend but let’s be honest. Tom’s time has come and gone. I don’t care WHAT his ratings are. There has been a seat for a young, fresh, urban Radio DJ or Radio DJtress that has been occupied by too long. I could deal with it if he had young people around him and was teaching them how to do radio or if Reach Media had a division to train new talent. Help me out… DO THEY?   No wonder the younger generation has no respect for a lot of us…

As a passionate urban radio lover, I can honestly say the Corps(e) have done more to DESTROY our legacy than to help it. It is absolutely no wonder why the industry is in dire straits. A record person was telling me the other day that Radio One programmers are afraid to FART for the fear that Cathy Hughes or Alfred Liggins may hear or smell   it and fire them.  I’m not giving up on Radio One yet but I have never understood why people fear other people or put them on a pedestal. We all have our insecurities and secrets and we all eat, fart and sh… and hopefully wipe our asses. Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins have achieved a lot in their lives but as far as I’m concerned, sh…, they are no greater than me. And they have achieved no more than you and I could achieve IF NOT MORE. Step up to the plate… BECOME GREATER. Don’t give ANYBODY that much of YOUR power! It is an incredibly liberating feeling when you stop letting your life be ruled by fear or what others may think. Where are the great urban radio legends of tomorrow?

While watching TV One’s Shalamar program for Unsung, I was thinking, what if they want to do a show like this for Radio DJ celebrites in 20 years? There would be nothing to talk about but Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey?   Ladies and gents I’m not sure if you are aware of it but the DJ, the young BLACK DJ is dead.


  1. We arent dead..but we are on life support,i personally know of former morning personalities like myself who are out of work or close to it. in almost EVERY MAJOR CITY.

    Tom,Steve etc….most do great radio..but they unchallenged..that’s my problem w/the industry..you wanna hear good radio give these guys “real”competition.


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