Charles Barkley: "The Deep Dark Secret" in the black community is Dumb Blacks (audio)


Dumb Blacks Make it Hard for the Black Community?

Charles Barkley is certainly outspoken and brutally honest and he’s right. The deep dark secret is we don’t want anybody to know the part that WE play in our inability to rise. How many of you reading this have seen black people on a national platform or even in your neighborhood and you cringed and their use of the English language or how they presented themselves. Then you separate yourself from them but unfortunately the rest of the world doesn’t and the media has a fascination with these types… wonder why?  What Barkley says makes perfect sense. The wise, smart, intelligent hard-working blacks have to pay for the antics of unintelligent black people. In addition and in all fairness, what Charles does NOT say is someone ALSO has to give those unintelligent black people platforms to spread their messages!!! Your thoughts?

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