Radio Facts asked several of our readers who they thought the Radio Facts Best Mix DJs of all Time was. We calculated the answers over the last 30 days and these are the people who got the most votes. (click NEXT above or below to see next DJ)

If you are looking for the 2013 Top 20 DJ Contest click >HERE

Grandmaster Flash

kid Capri

funkmaster flex

Funkmaster Flex

Red Alert


Awesome Two

DJ Clue

DJ Enuff

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  1. I don’t see how FunkMaster Flex is part of this! He has a Talk show…Have you heard it lately? He talks more than he mix. Doing my time in radio that was not tolerated and still today many stations don’t tolerate it. LISTNING TO HIS SHOW YOU CAN’T ENJOY THE SONG UNLESS HIS MOUTH IS ALL OVER IT OR HE CUTS IT SHORT!!!

  2. Sway and Tech? Maybe…Clue…not this time…how do you overlook DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Cash Money (Marvelous) or for that matter DJ Tat Money (Steady B) who are all still relevant? Just my opinion, you got some good choices and some not so well thought out ones,

  3. When you say best ‘mix’ DJ, that means different things in different places. The Midwest has the best ‘Mixers’, and are known for holding beats/blends forever. All the djs mentioned are cut & scratch artist. Not to say the can’t blend, that’s just not what they do. No Jazzy Jeff, Biz Markie??… All the djs posted are true legends in the game… Not to mention they’re all basically hip hop/rap djs from the East Coast. Is hip hop the only genre of music listed? No Dance, House, Disco? Maybe you should have categories, it would open it up a lot more. jmo

  4. I agree with some of the posts above. You cannot make a list without the numeral uno DJ breathing on there – DJ Jazzy Jeff. I grew up listening to Red Alert goes bezerk on the NY stations, Chuck Chill Out, and Marley Marl. They were New York, so I do commend you on some of your selections. However, google any DJ that you wish and watch their video, then watch videos by Jazzy Jeff…………..flatline! Case closed 🙂

  5. DJ Fade the owner of thatcrack mixtapes is one of the top 5 mix DJs in the world . who made this list ? They are not even close to correct


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