RF Tech Watch: Want to Make Money from Your Instagram Photos?


INstagramIn the digital age that we live in, the popularity of mobile phone apps is something that cannot be denied. Harnessing the power of the mobile smartphone user market, Instagram has catapulted itself as one of the most popular mobile phone apps available today. With 100 million users, Instagram has become much more than just a photo sharing app; it’s evolved into a community of online users.
Launching in August 2013, Los Angeles startup InstaStock Images will be the first stock photography marketplace exclusively for Instagram photos. Through their service, InstaStock Images is hoping to give Instagram users a way to start making money from their images.
Founder and CEO, Laneia Moore says the philosophy behind InstaStock Images business model is inspired by micro entrepreneurship. “We wanted to create a way for Instagram users to be able to share in the success of the platform by making money from their pictures. Sometimes an extra hundred dollars here or there can really make a difference in someone’s life. We just believe it’s the perfect way to monetize the love that Instagram fans have for the app.”
Through InstaStock Images, Instagram users will be able to upload pictures from their Instagram accounts and set a selling price for their photos. Most images on the site will be royalty-free. Buyers on the site simply purchase a license and are able to have unlimited creative use of their royalty-free image.
In terms of stock photo sites, InstaStock Images plans to be the best deal on the internet because they are centered on the fans and helping people find ways to make small amounts of supplemental income. While the average content creator can earn roughly $.25 on some competitor stock photography sites, users of InstaStock Images can earn at least 3 times as much. This is possible because there will be a 40/60 split with InstaStock Images, with Instagram users keeping 60% of the money sold from their photographs.
With over 7 million daily visitors, and more traffic than Twitter, it’s safe to say Instagram isn’t going anywhere soon. By working together with InstaStock Images, Instagram users can harness the power of Instagram and begin making money from their passion.