RF Tech Watch: Skullcandy Unveils Crusher Headphones with Bass You Can Feel


skullcandySkullcandy, Inc.a high-growth, performance lifestyle audio brand has truly pioneered the advancement of design and performance with its highly-anticipated Crusher headphone launching today at select retailers nationwide. The brand unveiled a video on its homepage this morning featuring Kevin Durant and Wale experiencing the revolutionary bass sensation that only the Crusher can deliver.
Completely redesigned and re-engineered by Skullcandy’s in-house product development team, the Crusher offers a unique bass sensory experience derived from “dual driver” technology. Powered Sensation55â„¢ drivers housed in each earcup deliver Attacking Bass while Supreme Sound is supplied via separate custom REX40â„¢ drivers. The proprietary Sensation55â„¢ drivers provide more than bass you can hear; they deliver bass you can feel. A slider located on the left earcup grants the listener the ability to adjust the sensation levels to his/her preference or playlist. Users can even turn the bass off completely and still enjoy the REX40â„¢ driver’s premium acoustics, minus the powered bass boost.
The Crusher is designed with premium materials and is engineered to emphasize fit, comfort and durability. The headphone features a flexible headband, an amplifier and a battery in the ear cup to drive the level-adjustable subwoofer, removable/replaceable cables and collapsible earcups for easy stashing with satin travel bag. The Crusher is also equipped with an auto on/off smart circuit that senses when music has stopped playing and turns off the amp automatically. This greatly improves battery life and removes the need for a power switch.
“The Crusher doesn’t just play music, it delivers a complete audio experience that you can feel from the moment you put it on,” said Hoby Darling, CEO of Skullcandy. “This headphone replicates that live concert feeling. Pair this sensory experience with an accessible price point and a style that’s unmistakably Skullcandy and you’ve got the Crusher. Don’t take my word for it though”¦ You really have to feel it to believe it.”
The Skullcandy Crusher launches at retail today. For more information about Crusher and to watch Kevin Durant, Wale and the rest of the Skullcandy family feel the bass, please visit: www.skullcandy.com/crusher