Earth Kitt was the BEST Catwoman (vid from Batman)


While I was a bit too young during this era, the 60’s was a very interesting decade. Everything went from big and bulky during the 50s to slim and sleek in the 60s from fashion to furniture. The 60s was actually the birth of “art deco.” My favorite things from that era was the 1969 Mustang, red (many prefer the 68 but I’m different) and this may sound really weird but once again, so am I…. I have always been amused with record players and records. I am really sorry they stopped making them. The 60s was the most innovative period for the many manufacturers of those sleek stereo systems. Finally, Batman, this strange cartoon that used to come on when my brother got home from school as I was not going yet, and I remember thinking why in the fugis this show sideways? They were so innovative they would do scenes sideways with all those expletives across the screen “Blat,” “Splat,” “Spoof,” “Bam,” “Blast AD Vantage.” (laugh) OK some self promotion on that last one. I didn’t realize when Batman premiered it was a show that came on at night and it was a smash hit that buried the Munsters on another network (some trivia for you). I remember seeing Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. I’m not going to lie, she scared the sh… out of me, I was a mere toddler and I thought she was a drag queen even at that young age but as I got older I realized how unique she was. In those days, black acrtresses were lucky to get a role on TV as a maid but once again, something about the 60’s was revolutionary. I also remember watching Julia with Diahann Carol as the first black actress with her own sitcom. Eartha had a very interesting career and I continued to hear that she once insulted Ladybird Johnson at a White House dinner and she was basically blackballed from show business in America for almost 20 years. She expressed her dismay over the Vietnam War, something many people agreed with but at that time, a White House dinner may not have been the best place to discuss your opinion. In true legendary form Eartha left her mark on the world in many ways even in death. How many people die (via nature) on Christmas Day.


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