HOT DAMAGE: Ne-Yo “Prince made me act like a Schoolgirl”


Poor Prince, the world’s most famous cross-dressing playboy has got black comedians and and other show biz notables admitting not only that they want to screw him (these are men) but also how he turns them into “Schoolgirls.” Perhaps Ne-Yo is brilliant or very dumb. Without question, he’s paid for life and maybe he doesn’t care but just last week, he admitted he lives so close to Jeezy that Jeeze leaves his curtains/blinds open and he can see him walking around the house naked, he then goes on to say “…and I don’t want to see that.”   Now the writer extraordinaire admits that when Prince crashed his party not long ago, he turned into a schoolgirl (laugh). Ne-Yo… SHUT THE FOOK UP! By the way, I met Prince once at a Stevie Wonder event, he was with two HUGE 400 pound bodyguards, I was surprised neither of the guards mistakenly stepped on him (laugh). Prince can’t be more than 4 foot 6 and he had on his pumps.

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