Hot 97’s Mister Cee Breaks Down about Shame of Attraction to Transgender Women to Ebro (audio)


Originally posted Sept 12, 2013.

This is a great radio segment. Both Mister Cee and Ebro did a good job of being honest. The angst, the brotherhood, the compassion, the guilt and the fear are incredibly prevalent in this interview.

During this interview, Hip Hop legend and radio mixer Mister Cee is bombarded with the fear that he will lose the respect of the Hip Hop community after coming clean about his interest in transgendered women.

There are many awards given each year in radio but segments like this on urban radio are rare and this should have definitely been considered.

Today this would be a shoulder shrugging situation but 7 years ago, it was taboo. Mister Cee felt bad because of the perception and the judgement placed on him by the black and hip hop community. He keeps saying “I didn’t want to let anybody down.” Hopefully, after this interview, Mister Cee is at peace and has come to the realization that EVERYBODY has something about themselves they don’t want other people to know about and nobody is perfect.