Homophobic Preacher Chides and Kicks Transgender Woman out of His Church (video)

radiofacts.comThis preacher kicked a transgendered woman out of his church stating he didn’t want any “drag queens” in his church. He then contradicted himself by saying he doesn’t judge people and whatever you do outside of the church is between you and God. He asked the transgendered woman to go home and put on a man’s clothes. I’m split on this, the preacher is wrong for humiliating the transgendered woman like this, but people like him are always going to pick on people who don’t fight back. He wouldn’t have kicked a gangbanger out of his church like that.If he knew the history of most of the people sitting up in that church, including his own, he’d be out of business. The other side is LGBT people need to quit supporting businesses in ANY community that doesn’t support the LGBT community. At present, that pretty much has whittled down to the black church (lol). (see video below)

After you get the full story Then you can talk!!!Posted by Antonio Rocquemore on Monday, November 12, 2018

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