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HMM? Officers Pulls Assault Rifles on "Suspicious" Looking Black Men Opening a Bank Account? (vid)

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This is one for the new Radio Facts Forum. Tell the truth, when you look at this video, as a black person what do you REALLY think about the officer's actions? You can sign up anonymously for the forum.

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  1. I think this is a terrible case of racial profiling. What gave them the reason to think that he was robbing the bank? Was he acting suspiciously, carrying a weapon, acting out of the ordinary? No he was just trying to open up an account which is a resposible everyday thing that people do all the time. Was it the fact that he was black, hair braided, nice vehicle, and had a passenger in the car? So what if he had a criminal record, he wasnt acting like a criminal and they would not have known that if he wasnt asked the question by the nosy media. For the police department to point guns at this man for not doing anything wrong I think he shoud get an attorney, sue the police officers, sue the bank and open an account at another bank with this bank’s money from the lawsuit. This is discrimination and a violation of his human rights and I would break the bank on there ass, no pun intended.


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