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Trending – Singer Charged with Murder of Fitness Model Wife (video)


Radio Facts: Trending today. Originally posted July 4, 2014 – A member of the platinum-selling R&B group Hi-Five Russel Neal, 40, is being held for murdering his wife, fitness model wife. Brasilia Martinez, 24. The couple have two children. The singer walked into a Sheriff’s office and told them his wife was dead in their Houston apartment and he needed a lawyer. She was killed by being stabbed multiple times.

Russell Neal 2015 mugshot

Martinez was an aspiring fitness model and boxer and she was found dead at the scene. Neal was a member of the group when they had their Number 1 smash hit “I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)” in 1991 on RCA records.  This is the second tragedy for the group, in 2007 lead singer Tony Thompson died from inhaling freon from an air conditioning unit in an apartment complex.



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