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Here’s Former Boyz II Men member Mike McCary

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Philly music has really been in the news as of late with Teddy Pendergrass and now Boyz II Men. Former Boyz II Men 4th member Mike McCary was spoken highly then harshly of when the remaining original members talked about why he is no longer in the group on a recently Huffington Post interview. They state he was not a team player and he was only in it for the highs but not the lows. Last time the public saw McCary with the group he was sporting a cane and it was announced that he had Scoliosis

In the Huff Post interview the remaining members indicate they don’t the Scoliosis prevents someone from performing as one member admits he has as cracked disk but you would have to ask McCary if he was able to work. They reference that they don’t think McCary wanted to perform in combination with the disease. They tried to offer an olive branch by staging a return for McCary  in 2011 that never panned out for their 20th reunion because they didn’t feel McCary had changed. We searched online for McCary and he has not been active for almost 3 years on social networks or in the industry, we hope that he is OK but in these videos, Mike appears to be full of energy and without the cane he was using before exiting the group a decade ago.

There are a couple of videos of him one with him (below) singing from 2009 at the Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena, CA with a group called the Element Band. Let us say there are some songs that have been SUNG and should NEVER be attempted again. Boyz II Men a pristine job on a majority of their catalog and this rendition is not a compliment to their legacy. There should be an APB on this group for committing a 187 on the classic Boyz II Men “Water Runs Dry.” Perhaps they were terrified that an actual member was there so we will give then that. Nevertheless, it also appears that Mike is not singing even though his Mic is on because he speaks to the audience when he comes out.

On the second video he is promoting what appears to be a comp outfit from a Cali retailer, looks like a men’s store. Is Mike living in LA?  It will be interesting to see if Mike responds to what his former band members had to say about him. If he has ANY knowledge of marketing, he should be the studio putting together a song ANY song, even the theme to the Jeffersons for iTunes that he can when he responds. This is his chance to not only tell his side of the story but to get back into the limelight. Will he take it? Our best to the group and their continued legacy.

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Luis Licea February 27, 2017 at 8:40 am

Wow death is such an awful thing RIP


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