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Hegwood’s Alleged Streetz Station in Atlanta… What if….


Radio Facts: While it appears there may be a clear conflict of interest or a non compete still in effect for Steve Hegwood and Wayne Brown as two former Radio One employees in Atlanta with an alleged new station The Streetz 102.9… what if…

1. The station is simulcast from another market? Would that still be considered a breach of contract if they are not actually “broadcasting” from the Atlanta market?

2. Georgia is an “at will” state. Does the state law supersede contracts with non compete clauses?

Allegedly, Alfred Liggins has started legal proceedings. Even if the above held true the bottom line appears to be if Hegwood and /or Brown are still being PAID by Radio One, if that's the case, the contract may override everything. We love revolutionaries and we love this story and so do you, it was the most read yesterday with the most links to the station's site to hear it.

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  1. “3 things: 1. Georgia may be an “at will” state but Radio One’s corporate office is still in Maryland I believe. That’s where any legal stuff would have to take place (Unless the contract was written under Georgia law, which I doubt). 2. Since Georgia is an “at will stte” no compete generally are null and void. KFOR tried that here in Oklahoma with an anchor and they lost..The anchor went to Channel 9 (KWTV) and it was a non issue. They also lost with another anchor who went into a related business (PR). 3. An LPFM it is no match for the big boys in ATL, why would nearly bankrupt Radio One spend thousands in legal fees to shut down a guy tht they are probably still paying that went to an LPFM? Just curious…”


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