Hear Headkrack’s New Album “Aktion Park”




Enjoying success with his own nationally syndicated radio show “The Morning Hustle” and as a co-host on Dish Nation, the hit television show, media personality, actor, and Hip-Hop artist Headkrack is excited to announce, “Headkrack’s Aktion Park Virtual Viewing Experience,” a virtual cinematic presentation of his new album Aktion Park on April 9th at 8:00 PM EST via his YouTube channel. Listen here

Tickets are available here.

The tightest hip-hop albums run like amusement parks. They dip in and out of extremes, spinning the listener upside down, all around, and back again. Each verse, bar, and ad-lib hits at the right time. Similar to your favorite theme park ride, Headkrack’s 2021 independent opus Aktion Park packs these kinds of thrills into ten tracks fueled by his elite rhymes, deft wordplay, and hypnotic hooks.

“My favorite childhood theme park was Action Park,” he explains. “There’s a parallel because life is like a series of rides. You live through some. Others cut you up, but you make it out to tell an interesting story. The project is woven together pretty seamlessly. It’s a rollercoaster ride.”

Much like his childhood was…

Viewers will enjoy an exclusive cinematic view of “Headkrack’s Aktion Park Virtual Viewing Experience” for a one-hour show where attendees will immerse themselves in Headkrack’s adventurous world. Following the virtual event, Headkrack will participate in a Q&A discussion with the audience, including games and giveaways.

Look out for Headkrack’s appearance on VH1’s Wild ‘N Out in the near future.


Originally hailing from The Bronx, Headkrack faced a series of trials and tribulations that would’ve broken most of us. He went from watching his parents become “involved in a very advanced lifestyle of dabbling in the drug game” to being “semi-homeless” and “jumping from crib to crib.”

However, music would be his north star and the one constant. In seventh grade, he shut down the school talent show with a display of rhyme virtuosity, devoting himself to the art of rapping, freestyling, and battling. From that point onward, he bodied the competition during countless on-air rap contests. 

Eventually, he launched his career in the industry and broke into radio. Millions of listeners fell in love with him on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show while he made Friday Rap of the Week a popular Dish Nation staple running eight years and available in more than 60 markets. Currently, he anchors The Morning Hustle, a syndicated broadcast around the country.


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