Headkrack Talks about Nipsey Hussle’s Influence on CNN

Headkrack should have his own syndicated show. I’ve been a fan for a while. He’s mastered radio and broadcasting. KUDOS to him for getting the gist and essence of who Nipsey was and what he stood for. Here he talks about Nipsey’s influence and giving back to the community on CNN in Atlanta.

Atlanta DJ Headkrack: “Nipsey Hussle’s raps and rhymes … were like a call to action””There’s very few situations where someone’s music actually transcends, music.”Atlanta-based DJ Headkrack reflects on the legacy of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle.”Nipsey Hussle’s raps and rhymes weren’t just words, they were like a call to action,” he tells Brooke Baldwin.https://cnn.it/2TOjS99Posted by CNN Replay on Monday, April 1, 2019

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