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HAS RADIO ONE HEARD ME? Company FINALLY Looks To The Internet To Boost Revenues  |  Black Web 2.0


Radio Facts:

Radio One Inc., the largest radio broadcasting company targeting African-American and urban listeners, is busy building audience through another platform “” the Internet.

The company has quietly begun relaunching websites at its 53 radio stations. It recently relaunched all of its sites in the Washington D.C. market, including KYSDC.com, MyMajicDC.com, praisedc.com, myspiritdc.com and woldcnews.com. Relaunches in other Radio One markets are to follow.

It's all a part of Radio One's desire to develop additional revenue streams. Local radio stations of every type have been hit hard by the recession. Sales from automotive advertising “” a staple of radio ad sales “” is near historic lows in some markets, and other advertisers have shifted advertising away from radio and onto the Web. By relaunching its web sites, Radio One expects to be in better position to generate more revenue from Internet sales.

The strategy makes sense. The company has stations in key urban areas such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Cleveland , Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.   With the network of stations Radio One will be able to offer major advertisers large, national campaigns featuring both the Web and the radio stations. That could give the company an advantage over some sites that lack the promotional power of a radio partner.

In addition to the 53 stations, Radio One owns Giant Magazine a financial stake in   TV One, and a majority stake in Reach Media, Inc., home of the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) and

Radio One Looks To The Internet To Boost Revenues  |  Black Web 2.0.

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  1. Well, if its not working for Radio One, then it is obvious that they are doing something wrong.

    Black Radio is defind by blacks by being the first to introduce new music. Being diverse enough to allow new MINOR Acts to flurish, as in the past. The public will always make or break any artist. But who will they turn to to hear the new music first. And not music that the Major labels have released, but Pooky and the Band down the street.

    Radio One had went right along with iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) and the end result for both is now on the verge of failure. There is no diversity on any of these stations. Even if you go to the internet with the same failing corporate structure of how music is added and played you will still be in the same boat.

    The ONLY way Mrs. Hughes will overcome her present situation, is to become a black person again, and give up on corporate structure of running radio stations, with the same structure around the country. True, a corporate structure in most cases will allow things to run in an orderly manner, but when it comes to music, you will have to be grass roots street.

    On most Radio One station you never hear any new local acts. During the time of Tom Joyner Show, he should present some new product that has been filtered. Then give it the same rotation of consistency as they do the major label acts. This is how hits are made “Consistency Of Air Play) You will see a revived industry.

    I don’t know how many times, or for how long I have to keep preaching the same thing, but it is the only way. Being on the out side looking in, you always get a more clearer picture, then on the inside looking out. Love Jerry


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