Halle Berry asks Judge to Nix Child Support Payments to Ex, States he’s Living off the Money?


video-undefined-1C02932C00000578-270_636x355Well, well, well, imagine this. A man is living off the child support money his ex girlfriend s paying him? How could he? We all know this is the first time that has EVER happened.. right? Megastar Halle Berry thinks its unfair that her daughter’s father Gabriel Aubry has stopped working to enjoy her monthly child support payments of $16,000 a month (rather paltry amount for a millionaire movie star). She is asking a judge to stop her judge ordered payments because get ready for this…. ‘it’s not fair and he is abusing the system’???  Has he no SHAME? They have joint custody of the child. When Eric Benet divorced Berry several years ago after her Oscar win, he was immediately frowned on for trying to cash out on her but he denied any payments and stated he didn’t need her money (he should have taken it too, ya think?).  Shall we define “double standard.” 

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