Half Waif does NPR’s Tiny Desk



On Friday, Nov. 9th, the indie band Half Waif performed on NPR’s Tiny Desk Series.

The singer of the group, Nadi Rose Plunkett lets the fans and audience know in the middle of the show that this show was a very special show. She said that the musicians that were performing with her, were musicians who played with the band over the past five years. But they all never played together, until this show.The band usually includes the Nadi Rose Plunkett, Zack Levine, and Adan Carlo. Plunkett sings her songs and plays the keyboards, while Levine plays the drums. Carlo plays the synth and guitar.The trio performed three songs off their third album Lavender, which was released earlier this year. The songs that were performed were “Lavender Burning,” “Silt,” and “Salt Candy.”You check out the performance at the link below:https://www.npr.org/2018/11/08/665664245/half-waif-tiny-desk-concert


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