Haircut Art: Barbers who are also Artist Creating Growing Trend


My mother has an amazing plethora of creative talents and I was fortunate enough to get all of them from her. She is an amassing artist and barber and she used to cut my brothers and my hair when we were kids to the amazement of the neighbors. I too can cut hair and my son refused to go the the barber because he knew I did a better job. His friends would often try to hire me but he was not having it. I was his barber and that was it (lol). When I first started in radio, I made a comfortable living cutting hair during the weekends. I have always said great barbers are artist because the same concepts apply, lines, precision, shading, perspective and balance. This is why I’m not surprised to see barbers combine both efforts into one. I love this work and it takes an incredibly gifted person to do it on hair because you can’t erase your mistakes and start over (lol) 

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