GUEST BLOGGER: Is the Tea Party Synonymous with Racism and Bigotry? (just look at the signs)


Corey Washington Author of Plain Talk

Is the Tea Party Synonymous with Racism and Bigotry? (just look at the signs)

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Much has already been written about the ignorant actions of a segment of the Tea Party.   There are some who would argue that the Tea Party is nothing more than a dressed up version of the Klu Klux Klan.   Some would argue that if you went to a Klan meeting a Tea Party might break out.   Are people typecasting the Tea Party because of the racist actions of a few knuckleheads?   Should those people be discounted as a fringe group who are not associated with the Tea Party movement?

People wouldn’t categorize the Tea Party as racist if they would hand le their business in-house.   When racist actions occur within the Tea Party, the Tea Partiers should be the first to repudiate them.   If you go to a rally and someone has a racist sign, then someone within the Tea Party should grab the sign and rip it up in their face and tell them they are not welcome to protest.   If some idiot starts saying anything that could be perceived as racist, then they should tell them to go home.   In other words, don’t let a vocal minority dictate the image of your movement.

Instead of the actions that I described in the above paragraph, we get people in the Tea Party making excuses.   We get people saying that the people who hurled racist epithets at black congressmen like Lewis (GA) and  Cleaver (MO) were planted by democrats.   Most people in the Tea Party have done everything but face the reality of racism within the movement.   Remember the Black Panthers and the demise of Huey Newton.   When those within the movement started to get involved in criminal activity, it wasn’t long before the movement lost it’s steam.   I hope the same thing happens to the Tea Party movement.   If your movement is not strong enough to expunge those few  weak minded individuals, then is it a movement worth having around?

I want to leave you with an experience that happened to me recently that illustrates my point.   I posted a Yahoo article about the racist incidents that happened recently in D.C.  at a Tea Party protest in front of the Capitol.   A black lady named Veronica Foxx, a Tea Party supporter, disputed the story.   She said she was  in attendance  and did not see or hear any reports of racist activity.   She also said there were 30,000 people there so how would she know about everything that went on.   She refused to believe that people in the Tea Party could be so racist.   I find that hard to believe since we are always seeing racist signs at these Tea Party rallies.   She became so agitated that she accused me of being a racist for even bringing the matter up and disputing her claims.   The final straw came when she said she was going to call my employer (Tutt middle school) and tell them they have a racist poisoning the young minds of Augusta, GA.   That goes to show you how blind some people are to racism.   I gave the lady my info and told her to go right ahead and make a fool of yourself, but she never called.   With self-hating vindictive people like that representing the Tea Party, it’s easy to see why people assume the worst when it comes to the Tea Party.   as Rob Redding Jr. would say:   Get off the Political Party Plantation, where’s my whip, stuck on stupid, etc.

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