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Global Hip Hop Dance Organization Brings Inaugural North American Championships to the East Coast


Global Hip Hop dance company the United Dance Organisation (UDO) are pleased to announce the launch of their inaugural North American Hip Hop Dance Championships. The Championships, which are taking place December 1–2, 2018, at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando, Florida, will see Hip Hop dancers and dance crews from across North America descend on the East Coast to compete in the exciting Championship event, with the chance of qualifying for the UDO World Championships 2019 held in Europe.

The championship, held in partnership with Visit Orlando will showcase an incredible, jam-packed event, giving dancers and crews a creative platform on the East Coast to showcase their talents and skills, as well as competing for the chance to win trophies, prestigious Championship titles and over$10,000 in prizes.

Throughout the weekend event, dancers will pop and lock their way to glory in the highly-anticipated quads and crew categories, whilst also having the opportunity to attend inspiring masterclasses and conventions from a phenomenal faculty line-up, including ImmaBeast convention workshops (featuring celebrity dancer and choreographer WillDaBeast Adams) as part of the Build a Beast Nationwide tour.

UDO is one of the largest Hip Hop dance organizations in the World with over 80,000 members and partners across 30 countries. Based in the UK, the UDO hold competitions across the Asia Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand and Japan, as well as major events and championships throughoutEurope and the UK.

This will be North America’s only chance to qualify for the UDO’s acclaimed World Championships, held in Europe in August 2019, which brings together over 10,000 people over an incredible 4-day event.

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