Radio Facts: When I listened to Steve Harvey’s show this past week for the first time in a while they were trying to resolve this stupid woman’s elementary love problem. Some sh… she really learned 20 years ago as a teen, she foolishly forces herself to still question in her 40’s. Is this the BEST that we can do in urban radio? Is our collective intellect that minute?   Why won’t someone just come out and finally tell this proverbial woman who has called into every black syndicated show on earth and who has written ESSENCE magazine in every issue… ‘He doesn’t WANT YOU! You are too desperate. Lose weight, get healthy, go back to school, get a better job, raise your kids, MOVE ON, make yourself marketable and let a man meet YOU on your way somewhere!’   Like my uncle, who was a pimp, used to say… “if somebody wants you bad enough, they will pay you for it.. not run from your ass.”

I have said a zillion times in this blog that urban radio needs to return to “community oriented programming” this example is the very reason. Glenn Beck’s fear-based rhetoric rants have created a whole new generation of otherwise undercover racists who have begun to rethink their idle positions and instead of sitting idly by on the sidelines with their biased and unreasonable thoughts,   have now been encouraged to move to the front of the line. This is not looking good. Beck has greatly helped in leading these people to think President Obama is evil and corrupt by spreading absolute sensationalism and yellow journalism (he does admit he’s not a journalist) to directly attack Obama’s character and proposed policies. Beck is not the only one that should be off the air, Fox News should be off the air! How are you going to hire someone who is not a journalist on a news network unless you INTEND to cause an uproar?

Beck is an angry white guy, probably with a baby dick who has a deep seated hatred for black men. He is also the kind of guy who would disown his daughter if she brought home a black man but would still claim he’s not racist because his mailman is black and he hasn’t called the police on him yet. Just like a person who is insane, Beck is the worst kind of racist because he thinks everybody else is and he isn’t (laugh)

All jokes aside how much can Tom Joyner or the self promotion king Steve Harvey say or do about this? Not a damn thing. This is where community oriented urban radio could play a HUGE part in dismantling the house that Glenn Beck is building. Major black corporations and syndication shows are not going to touch Beck for fear of Beck’s supporter’s wrath, but LOCAL urban morning shows could be abuzz right now on the issue, HUGE petitions could be getting passed around and Glenn Beck would soon be a thing of the past and Fox News would be under scrutiny if we had local community based urban radio’s support. Fox News’ name should be changed to Fox Tabloid.

Beck would never want to be viewed as the guy attacking a small local urban station, that would make him look like the big bad racist which is why Cathy Hughes, Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey are not going to rock the corporate boat by causing an uproar. Beck and his supporters would eat them alive. It’s as if they are all saying ‘Obama, you are on your own on this one bruh, I have my 20 mansions to pay the mortgage on. But could you create a stimulus package for us anyway? C’mon help a brother (sister) out’ (laugh). Glenn Beck would not have an OUNCE of power if he tried to attack 150 local urban radio stations each. The community in each market would eat HIS racist ass alive. I can’t say that I don’t understand , at least, Cathy Hughes’ position, I do… but Tom, Steve and Michael? I can only say if we had some young black energetic leaders in the 2009 version of community based urban radio things would be very different.