Ben Crump and Black Men Like him Should get More Credit


He may not be the best communicator but at LEAST Ben Crump is TRYING to help the black community get justice

Ben Crump
MINNEAPOLIS, MN – MARCH 29: Attorney Ben Crump speaks during a news conference on March 29, 2021 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Opening statements begin today in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who faces second-degree murder charges in the death of George Floyd. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

I must really be on my soapbox this week and you’ll have to forgive me or not read what I have to say. I know radio people want radio news only but I have to say this because it has to do with broadcasting.

The other day somebody sent me a video remarking on how all the people surrounding the George Floyd situation and other situations that have happened that deeply affect the black community that has to do with the police department are taking advantage of the victim’s families for monetary gain.

They were attacking Ben Crump and other black men and women calling them opportunists and users.

The guy on the video was extremely critical of Crump specifically and he even called him mush mouth. I found myself laughing because the first thing I thought of was that Fat Albert character that anyone well over 40 would remember that would talk and say hebbie jeebie, a yeebei beebee boo.

Then I realized I’m no better than the guy who is attacking Ben Crump by doing that. Truth be told ANY effort by a Black man (especially) to help the Black community should be applauded. We expect Black women to have our backs but rarely Black men.

Black men are not given enough credit when we try to uplift the community and we are not only up against a system that doesn’t want us but more than often our own people too

This guy, who was black, kept reiterating how Ben Crump and people like him are always there to take advantage of the situation of poor Black people who are often defenseless against the police departments and questionable practices that lead to injustice.

He went on to say that, I believe is Breonna Taylor‘s mother, was upset and asking where all the money was going that people like Crump make off of these situations.

Years ago, I thought I wanted to be an advocate starting with black radio. I talked about how too much syndication was going to run black radio into the ground and nobody was hearing it. I was an army of one and I realized I was wasting my time. Black radio people didn’t want to hear it, they wanted a mic, headphones and a studio, that’s all.

This was 10 years ago. Where we are at this moment, I saw it 10 years ago but nobody was listening so I shut up. it is incredibly difficult to find new talent for radio because of all those years of shutting young talent out. Now there is podcasting and Clubhouse and many more outlets.

But I digress … advocacy is the most thankless job you can ever have. People thank you in the dark and shun you in the light. They benefit off of your boldness and attacks then when your back is turned they are silent or join in and attack you too.

It’s no different with Ben Crump and I am sad to say that I am guilty of it too. When you help poor black families get millions of dollars for crimes committed by the police how often do the families fork over a percentage of that to the black attorneys, leaders, and politicians that made it happen for them?

The ones who brought the national and international attention to their cases that would have otherwise got lost in the shuffle with thousands of other similar cases?

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I would guess they gave their teams not one red cent. But then they still want to make sure that they don’t profit off of their work either? BS. With all due respect for your loss, don’t WORRY about how they make their money if you are not paying them and you are GETTING paid.

Ben Crump and others take some if not many of these high-profile cases pro bono and while they get the attention, are they getting paid? This is probably why many of them do appearances, speak at events, write books, etc.

Without question watching the George Floyd trial today and hearing him beg for his life with Derek Chavin’s knee crushing his neck for even 60 seconds was too painstaking to watch, I can’t imagine being on the scene and seeing it for nine and a half minutes? Those people on the scene witnessed a murder.

Derek Chauvin made sure his knee had the most pressure by putting his hands in his pockets and lifting and shifting his foot. The whole thing was absolutely disgusting and I had to turn it off.

I truly hope that justice is served in this case. I’m asking at the same time, and this includes me, a work in progress, let’s be more supportive of each OTHER as well.

We cannot be a community of few that do and the rest that criticize them for doing it. I’m ALMOST done I’ve got one more this week.


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