Ghost Killer Entertainment Launches Distribution Deal with We Are Triumphant


Ghost Killer Entertainment has announced its new distribution deal with We Are Triumphant. The labels will team up on upcoming new releases from Buffalo, NY’s The Bunny the Bear (Oct 9) and Omaha, NE’s Devil in The Details (Oct 30).

Ghost Killer Entertainment’s Zachary Meegan says, “I’m honestly excited to be partnered up with WAT to showcase the new and upcoming bands we’ll be working with for the future, for example having The Bunny The Bear as well as Devil In The Details being the debut bands for the label for GKE. Both have albums which will be coming out this month as well, October 9th for The Bunny The Bear “Afterglow”, and October 30th for Devil In The Details “The Hell You Wanted”! We have some other bands on the label that we have yet to announce but I feel the GKE family will be expanding and growing throughout 2020 and the next upcoming year as well.”

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We Are Triumphant owner Greg Long says, “We are proud to open the door for Zack and Ghost Killer Entertainment as they evolutionize into a record label and we fulfill the role of distribution partner. The music industry needs new faces like Zack’s where passion and love for the music comes first. Zack finds great bands and has a real vision for what he is doing. I am confident that Ghost Killer Entertainment will blossom quickly and see great success.”


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