Radio Facts: Radio Facts: There is a new app on the market that is getting a severe PR beat down due to the nature of it's purpose. The app titled Ghetto Tracker, which is an app that helps people identify safe areas in unfamiliar cities has already received so much backlash that the company had to the change the name in less than 24 hours of it's release. The new name is called, “Good Part of Town.” Critics of the app are calling it racist, classist, and everything else by targeting rich people and helping them avoid poor or bad neighborhoods in any city. The app allows locals to rate the overall safety of certain areas of the city. When it first launched, the app feature a white family on the launch page. It has now been changed to an ethnically diverse family.

In all fairness there should also be an app geared to help minorities know when they are in the company of racists.” The app would detect nearby racists by constantly repeating “We already rented the apartment” in the victims ear peice when he or she is in the vicinity of racism. The problem would be you would have to constantly charge it because it keeps going off.


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  1. Somehow I think the fact that the political class who rule American cities are comfortable seeing poor black and brown (and white) people trapped in neighborhoods with high crime and bad schools is a bigger issue. And one that this kind of feel good “I’m better and more sophisticated than you” discussion is meant to evade.