Georgia Man Charged with Reckless Driving after Knocking Woman 30 feet off Embankment While Racing


    An Atlanta man has been charged with knocking a woman 30 feet off an embankment while she was waiting for help because her car has stalled on the I 85 interstate in Atlanta.

    Leslie Camille Reese thank news was driving a Chevy Cruz that died on her and she was standing beside the car while waiting for a friend to come to pick her up when the accident took place. This happened around 4 PM on Monday.

    The driver Horace Maurice Dillard was racing on the freeway at the time and he lost control of his car when he struck the woman’s car which in turn knocked her off the embankment.

    Luckily, even though she fell 30 feet into a grass bed but she still had major injuries and doctors say it will be months before she walks again. Horace was arrested and charged with reckless driving amongst other charges. Reese’s father has set up a go-fund-me campaign to help with her medical expenses and rehabilitation.


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