George Zimmerman’s Mom Blames Media For Her Son’s Arrest


Geroge ZimGeorge Zimmerman’s mom, Gladys Zimmerman, has released a statement regarding the “unfair” treatment of her son regarding the shooting of Trayvon Martin. She wrote the letter in spanish but it was translated to English and posted on her older son, Robert’s twitter account.”The media, with the help of social media made it their prerogative to judge and sentence George before and after his arrest. Even members of Congress and self-proclaimed “activists” used and routinely use to this day the term “murderer” when they speak of him”“in effect they are re-enforcing the only acceptable judicial outcome in their eyes. Many have seen to it that he be judged by the public, the very public they were keen on misinforming.” Life is all about perception an perspective. From her eyes, she feels her son was done wrong and from the eyes of many others, Trayvon Martin and his family are the victims. What do you think?

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