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George Floyd’s Family Should Sue The Hell Out Of Kanye West Says Rickey Smiley (Video)

On the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, the hosts of the show had a discussion about Kanye West’s recent comments on George Floyd’s death.

Kanye has received a lot of criticism for remarks he made during a “Drink Champs” episode, in which he suggested that George died from a fentanyl overdose and pre-existing problems rather than from Derek Chauvin’s knee to the neck.

The Floyd family claims that Kanye’s claims are “blatantly false” and “malicious” and that his remarks are “creating an unsafe and unhealthy environment for her.” They also claim that Gianna is being “retraumatized” as a result of Kanye’s remarks.

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt tweeted saying Ye made false statements about the manner of George Floyd’s death and that Floyd’s family is considering legal action.

Rickey Smiley responded to his co-host saying that ‘George Floyd’s family should sue Kanye West. He added that that is what the Hoyers family did and received financial compensation. Rickey continued, “They should sue the hell out of him. That was so ignorant and unthoughtful.”

Rickey Smiley also added that when you have voting rights, women’s right to choose, racism on the line, and everything that the Black community is fighting against, and then you try to question the accountability for the police officer that put his knee on George Floyd’s neck and killing him. 

Rickey continued that Kanye putting this narrative out to his millions of followers and having them question George Floyd’s death shows that we are our own worst enemy. Kanye has a tremendous platform and he could be helping the cause but he’s hurting it.

“He’s so empty he don’t have nothing but money,” Rickey said after the morning show co-host Da Brat said Kanye is going to get what is coming to him and he will suffer the consequences of his actions.


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