Fraudulent PPP and EIDL Loans Will Play a Role in Social Security Benefit Depletion


    There’s little left to question about the benefits of Social Security payments once we reach a certain age to retire. We put the money in the system and get it back in our later years, or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

    It is something that our parents and grandparents constantly mentioned as we were growing up as part of the benefits after working for many years. Unfortunately, COVID funding may play a huge part in Social Security benefits drastically depleting by the year 2034.

    While many of the PPP and EIDL loans, for example, were legitimate helping people stay in business, some corporations, like churches, received magnanimous amounts that they probably didn’t need and then there were the loans that were completely fraudulent ranging in the multi-millions.

    All of this has taken a toll on government financing and Social Security benefits in the very near future.

    Social Security only works by pooling mandatory contributions from workers into a large pot and then paying out benefits to those who are eligible to receive them. A portion of your taxes as you know are taken from your check to support you being able to collect when you retire.

    The good news is medicare’s exhaustion date remains unchanged. The government reported the news on Tuesday that Social may be impacted by this deadly virus.

    The latest projections provided by the Social Security and Medicare trustees reports show that Social Security’s trust will not be able to pay full benefits in 2034.

    Without precedent for a very long time, the expense of conveying advantages will surpass the program’s complete pay from finance charge assortments and interest during this year. From here on, Social Security will tap its ventures to pay full advantages.

    The Biden/Harris administration chimed in on the delicate matter.
    “The Biden-Harris organization is focused on shielding these projects and guaranteeing they keep on conveying financial security and medical care to more seasoned Americans,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in an explanation.

    The most recent assessments mirrored the up and downs of dealing with the pandemic and how it relates to the coronavirus.

    The loss of life from COVID-19, concentrated among older Americans, also decreased future Social Security advantage payouts.

    Clinics were worried by the deluge of COVID patients, yet Medicare didn’t need to pay for as numerous basis medical needs. Rates of birth and migration, which will in general support the two projects, both went down, however, Social Security, the loss of payroll tax revenue outweighed any savings and pushed this deficit a year forward.

    With these new reports, this is indeed a great time for individuals to look at how they can control their own retirement needs via investments, annuities or other avenues.


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