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Four Insightful Books for Industry People to Read or Hear


For Especially …

Embrace, Shift and be willing to Change

After doing this site and magazine for almost 20 years. The research that came as a gift has not only educated me, some of the things literally knocked me for a mental loop and spiraled me into a funk or greatly encouraged me. People (used to) have easy access to me and when you deal with people who are ranging from those who are on the cusp of the next big thing, to those who keep reliving the past, to those who have given up, it’s a complete mindfk. The energy is MILES apart. Those who are on the cusp and progressive and those who consistently find workarounds are the most exciting, educating and fun to be around. What I have learned I have no problem teaching you.

Dealing with , radio and record people, celebrities and visionary culture vultures in the industry has taught me something that is essential to the survival and growth of an industry career be it radio or music. Fill the hole or lay dead in it. Culture Vultures are excellent at filling the holes that we miss or ignore and will expertly use us to get the information they need to do it. For us, we have to EMBRACE CHANGE or watch the bus pull off and leave you at the last stop, in the dark on a lonely dirt road. I’ve literally seen people DIE waiting for the industry to revert back to what it used to be (but will never be again). Embrace, Shift and be willing to Change but whatever you do don’t remain stagnant and complain. Business is business.

If you tell a commercial radio person that the industry is about to shift more to streaming, you will most likely get a staunch and angry denial. They will say things like “How can something that is free change?” Well, that’s the problem, what is “free” rarely changes but people certainly do. In addition, ask the TV industry before they were smart enough to “embrace” Reality TV, which was TV’s saving grace or look at the industry right now that is dying to stay alive.

People respond differently to change but the ones who embrace it and open themselves to the new possibilities are the ones who remain relevant and progressive. The record are savvy and they are well ahead of the curve because they KNOW the industry is shifting. This was the entire premise of the book “Who Moved my Cheese” An outrageously simple best-selling book that is indicative of how different people process things and either grow or for the most part remain stagnant and trapped. If you have a chance read it again (along with the other books below).

The IS going to shift, anybody who has a mild understanding of the stock market can clearly see it. The stock market determines value and long term growth or declines tell the story. If iHeart stock is at .25 and Spotify is at $169 where do you see the value? Where will you end up? Well, you don’t really have to think about that now but it would certainly behoove you to AT LEAST be working on something in addition, as a backup NOW and understand the concept of branding. I have reading books but love audio books while on a trip, driving around in the horrible traffic in LA or at the gym.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Dale Carnegie

radiofacts.comWorking in radio is stressful everything from ratings, politics, competition and unpredictable changes can have you on edge constantly.  This book is ancient (1948) but the rules and concepts still apply today and you will get a lot of out it. There is one story about a man who was stuck and broke and living at the YMCA. He was living below his ability and knew he could do better so he finally got fed up and took a chance by teaching a course at the Y in return for 80% of the proceeds. He noticed there were no books on certain subjects and no supplies so he wrote a paper for the class to use during the semester. That book was “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Carnegies first book published in 1936 which turned into a bestseller for many decades after. Carnegie also was hugely successful in teaching public speaking. Had Carnegie stayed stuck at the Y even if he was comfortable, he would have never reaized his potential and he would have missed the opportunity to change his life. Even if you LOVE your job you don’t control the outcomes. What else can you do? Buy here

BlackPrivilegee – Tha God


Charlamagne Tha God has only scratched the surface of where he is going in his career. The 2017 Power Play List winner is determined in a way that you rarely see in the industry on the radio side. The one thing that has been a constant is that he never stands down, he admits his shortcomings and he thinks outside the box. This has worked against hin early in his career but his conviction to never settle and to dream big has been the catalyst to his success. Charlemagne is the only person from the radio I have ever heard say he has a vision board. It made me think back to the fact that when I started this business I had one too and I have one now. It really works. He has a new book coming but this is still a GREAT read and available in the audio version. I purchased the audio version and was surprised that Charlamagne voiced it. There is nothing worse than buying a person’s book who is a public figure and someone else’s voice is on it. Buy Here

Who Moved My Cheese – Spenser Johnson M.D.

radiofacts.comThis book is EXCELLENT and easy enough or a kid in 1st grade to read and understand but deep enough for an adult to read it and to know that change is in order. Two Mice and Two Humans are looking for cheese but they have a different approach on how to find it. If you have read it in the past, dust it off and read again, it’s very relevant to the changing industry.  Buy Here

Mind Your Own Damn Business –


Last but certainly not least … my own book. I post everything in here that the industry has taught me during my 30 years. The good, the bad and the ugly and I admit my own shortcomings, like foolishly listening to industry elders who didn’t mean any harm, I don’t think, who ill-informed me to wait for someone to guide my career. This was horrible advice along with other advice that doesn’t work today like “Keep Your Mouth Shut and Your Ears Open.” I’m SO glad I stopped listening (lol).  Buy Here


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