Crystal Jones Comes Clean About TLC Exit (video)


Crystal Jones, the original ‘C' of TLC, shares her side of the story along with her former manager, Ian Burke on Atlanta's V-103 morning show.

Crystal Jones

After the story of TLC aired on TV. Ryan Cameron, the former host of V103‘s morning show asks Crystal Jones “So Crystal they want to know about that scene last night and your take on it and the way you portrayed in this movie?” She responds: ” I was very disappointed very disappointing because you know the way they portrayed me was very inaccurate and it brought us a lot of [pain] so see it so to kind of go back through that and relive it again you know I just didn’t sit well with me you know.”

Crystal Jones Talks about Auditioning for TLC

Ryan: “How do you remember the audition?”

Crystal Jones: “Well for one we never auditioned for LA we auditioned for Pebbles at the Sound Studios and the song that we used was a song that was produced by Jermaine Dupri called I got it going on. She just continued meeting up with us going through magazines etc”

Ryan: What do you feel like because it’s almost like you’re anticipating something and you’re hearing about it but then when it aired..

Crystal: I mean, it's a Hollywood story I mean they’re going to tell you to know but as far as what happened and I’m sure what everybody wants to know is that it was based on the contract when we got to. 

I don't wanna say his name, but when we go to the lawyer's office it was myself TBoz and Lisa sitting there and keep in mind we’re 18 and 19-year-olds OK and by that time they had already taken us away from and I wanna say how but they had already gotten us away from our management contract so we’re sitting there and I’m going through the paperwork you know and it’s lengthy and I didn’t understand anything so I turned and I looked up at Pebbles and said can I take this home for my mother to read, I don't understand this and she said absolutely not. 

Ian Burke who was managing Crystal Jones at the time chimes in. We all know how TV does it comes down to the writer and director no matter how wrong you can be you need more than a couple of hours to tell [TLC's] story and they left everything in it will still be on TV right now. 

I honestly feel like it should’ve been like they did to Jackson’s or the Temptations like a two-day mini-series because of the fact that a lot of things were left out and you know you got a lot to squeeze in for just two hours so I don’t fault anybody about that it’s just the whole creative license thing right you know about the movie but I do want to say you know everybody’s asking you know how did the group actually get together it was the brainchild of myself and Crystal.

I was managing Crystal at the time myself and my partner who had actually introduced me to Jermaine Dupree back in the day and it was actually Rico Wade who became prominent years later as a member of Organized Noize and actually did one of the biggest records for TLC “Waterfall” he was the one who brought Lisa to the audition at the city gardens house and I actually said no to Lisa in the beginning.


She came in a dress I was looking for girls that were kind of tomboyish right and so I actually said no to Lisa and I went in the backyard to sit down and talk with Rico and the rest of the guys and Lisa rapped for Crystal.

Crystal came back and just like said Man you really need to hear her rap you know you really need to hear it and I was like this and she’s not in the group I don’t think it’s gonna work but Crystal said look I need you to listen to her and I listened and I was like oh yeah yeah yeah wow yeah.

She had that Monie Love vibe. I asked her why she was in a dress and she said I thought this is what you wanted but I usually wear baggy clothes that’s what I’m comfortable with.

Crystal Jones Was the First Member of TLC

I actually had my group together I had Crystal Jones, Lisa, and another Lisa that was in a group but I was determined to meet this other girl because Rico was like yo she’s definitely the one. So we went to this woman’s house at 2 o’clock in the morning knocked on her door and when she opens the door like you don’t even have to say you’re in. That was T-Boz, no makeup on she’s fresh out of sleeping and wiping the sleep from her eyes and I just saw the star.

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And the last thing I wanna say is you know another pivotal person that I thought was missing was the Jermaine Dupree and that’s because it was Jermaine who convinced T-Boz to sing in that lower register which became a signature sound for her and TLC.  I’m just like yo how could you leave that out. So, I’m watching the whole situation and how they had it unfold on TV or it may me grimace a little bit (see whole interview below). They asked Crystal to sing during the show and she refused.

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