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Former Getaway Developer Creates DJ App for iPhone

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CUE.PLAY.DJ. puts real mixing software in the palm of your hand s.

 width=If you’re a DJ looking for something a little more portable (and far cheaper) than your stand ard issue mixing equipment, then you may want to turn your attention to CUE.PLAY.DJ.. It’s essentially an application for the iPhone or iPod Touch that includes all the basic features you’d need to move some butts onto the dance floor — and it’ll only set you back $9.99.Developer Capsulated Software created the app with assistance from DJ and radio host Ferry Corsten. It supports simultaneous playback of two tracks, automatic track syncing and BPM detection, pitch modification capabilities, looping options, and , of course, a built-in crossfader for switching between tracks. CUE.PLAY.DJ. also includes CUE.PLAY.SETLIST., a nifty piece of software for the PC or Mac that enables on-the-fly streaming of tracks to and from the mobile app, as well as allowing you to record any particularly tasty grooves on your computer.CUE.PLAY.DJ. is planned for release sometime in April. Following that, creator Max Harvey (formerly of Sony’s Getaway team) and his partners at Capsulated Software will be working on Sequence*R, a “music based action game” for the iPhone and iPod Touch. We’ll keep you posted as more details become available. [source]

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