Floyd Mayweather Speaks on Being Brilliant In and Out of the Ring


Some view Floyd Mayweather as cocky, some say he is flashy, and others say he is a beast i the ring. I say this man is one of the greatest “boxers” I have ever witnessed and one of the smartest business men living. Floyd may not have the Harvard education or MBA business like acumen of other CEO’s but this man is brilliant. russell simmons once said, he is successful because he hires people smarter than him for specific tasks. Floyd pretty much does the same and he has conquered the sport of boxing in and out of the ring.In this interview with Sway on Shade 45, you see a humbler more jovial Floyd Mayweather who refuses to engage in any negativity.  You can just tell this man is in a different place in his life.  He even spits a quick little freestyle on the show. Check out the interview.https://youtu.be/-Qs2hJKf5Oo


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