First African-American West Coast Operated National Broadcast Network Launched in January

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 width= The Hutchinson Newsmaker Network will launch in January, 2012. It will be the first African-American west coast operated national broadcast network. The network will syndicate the weekly Hutchinson Report Newsmaker Hour nationally. The network was created by Hutchinson Report Newsmaker Hour Host Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a nationally known political analyst and syndicated columnist.

The Hutchinson Newsmaker Network will be the go to network for Capitol Hill, the White House, Republican and Democratic political leaders to have their say on the hot button issues of the week on radio and internet TV nationally,” says Hutchinson,” This is a return to old fashioned unfiltered conversational interviews where political leaders make and break news for the American public.”
The Hutchinson Newsmaker Network will feature the weekly Hutchinson Report Newsmaker Hour. The show features in-depth conversations with the nation’s top elected officials, political leaders and opinion makers in the White House, on Capitol Hill, as well as the nation’s leading political and social issue writers and commentators across the political spectrum. They fully air their views on controversial, topical, and crucial public policy issues, initiatives and legislation.
The Hutchinson Newsmaker Network syndicated Radio Stations are KTYM-Los Angeles, WWNL-Pittsburgh, and WVTJ-Pensacola, Florida, KCNW-Kansas City, and KXKS-Albuquerque. The network covers 8 states, Alabama, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, and California and is heard in over 50 major and mid size cities with a listening audience reach of 5.2 million. The Hutchinson Nationwide Network blends standard radio, internet radio, internet TV, and a global web stream.

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