FINAL NAIL IN THE RADIO COFFIN: Keith Sweat Gets Quiet Storm Gig at WBLS?

I won’t say I would have gotten it but I expressed some interest in the Quiet Storm gig at WBLS, sent in an mp3 and I got a good response, it is what it is and it is what it isn’t. BUT KEITH SWEAT? Whoooooooooooooosh, what in de fook was that? Oh, it was the logic and Black radio economic savings syndication plan train. That’s it, I’m going to pull a Susan Boyle and take my middle aged ass to a label and get a record deal and become the international star that Keith USED to be. These damn singers and comedians want to disrespect our craft, sh…, let’s disrespect theirs or at least make the money they used to make. Sh…, the money they MAKE in radio most of us will probably NEVER make unless we leave this sh…. What in the hell is going in up here in this music industry and radio industry? Are you telling me there was NO other Black Radio DJ out there who could have NAILED that show (like I could have) and who REALLY deserves that gig? I have concluded radio really is DEAD! DAMMIT, I QUIT! Let us pray

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