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FINAL NAIL IN THE RADIO COFFIN: Keith Sweat Gets Quiet Storm Gig at WBLS?

I won’t say I would have gotten it but I expressed some interest in the Quiet Storm gig at WBLS, sent in an mp3 and I got a good response, it is what it is and it is what it isn’t. BUT KEITH SWEAT? Whoooooooooooooosh, what in de fook was that? Oh, it was the logic and urban radio economic savings syndication plan train. That’s it, I’m going to pull a Susan Boyle and take my middle aged ass to a label and get a record deal and become the international star that Keith USED to be.   These damn singers and comedians want to disrespect our craft, sh…, let’s disrespect theirs or at least make the money they used to make. Sh…, the money they MAKE in radio most of us will probably NEVER make unless we leave this sh….   What in the hell is going in up here in this music industry and radio industry? Are you telling me there was NO other urban jock out there who could have NAILED that show (like I could have) and who REALLY deserves that gig? I have concluded radio really is DEAD! DAMMIT, I QUIT! Let us pray

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damnshame December 30, 2009 at 11:35 am

Yep the nail in the coffin.
From Vaughn Harper to Kieth Sweat is like Michael Jordan to a Jr High School player.
The people behind Kieth Sweat are really the ones to blame

Doc Winter is the main fool behind this. He use to be a mediocre quiet storm DJ himself and if he really respected this business, he wouldnt hire this aging , marbles in his mouth jock , who cant sell records anymore and who can only do track dates that bring in about 500 people which most good jocks can draw in the carolinas to a gig.

Word is that Doc Winter thought up this after he going off the air a few years ago to get back all the Quiet Storm jocks and he wanted Gerald levert before he died, and Will downing before he got sick.

Kieth Sweat has someone selling his show who calling behind the backs of good jocks in markets, and he selling him through PAYOLA as well which should be looked into.

I’m glad this web site took a position on this bull shitz because that is what it is.

Also I almost got into a fist fight with Kieth sweat manager at an event he was at and this dude is a real azz wipe. ( dont know his name)

But WBLS and New York , youll be crying for Vaughn Harper back after a week of that Kieth Sweat mess.
New York deserves the best not a cheap replica of a dying singer.

And lets stop hiding Programmer and most jocks know this guy Kieth Sweat is Bad , very bad on the radio.

Howard Stern will have a field day with this.

ron carter December 30, 2009 at 2:11 pm

Vaugh has been gone from wbls for a year now, and whatever outcry wbls listeners have let wbls managment know seems to have fallin on deaf ears, it is what it is, and in this day and age it is today’s r&b and classiiiick soooul in corporate generic form, inner city chose to play in this game this way just like radio one has, the saga will continue folks not get better, until we start challeging those we hold to high status because it seems they have made high class moves. And when u look at it, just continue to dumb their own down for monetary bottom line u the listener suffers most.

luv man December 30, 2009 at 6:04 pm

You cant tell me that someone in Management listened to a tape of Kieth Sweat and said`Damn this guy Kieth Sweat sounds good, hell make us number one in NYC~ I dont believe they ever heard him on air cause if they did, they would say ~Damn this sad MoFo is nationally syndicated?

Kieth Sweat aint popular in my market and Im not in the the top 100.

You might be right about Kieth Sweat is Payola syndication.

You got guys on Public radio in NYC that sound better than Sweat. Hes going to get exposed.
His 80s buzz has been gone for ten years, all these reality show types need to sit down somewhere

Angie January 5, 2010 at 9:50 pm

Damn can y’all at least give Keith a chance? Y’all are just damn haters! Go get a damn life! Keith is going to be a great host!! Go Keith!! Tell them to kiss your A&%$#@*&!#^!!!!!!


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